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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Nov-2022A self‑employed taxpayer experimental study on trust, power, and tax compliance in eleven countriesBatrancea, Larissa; Nichita, Anca; De Agostini, Ruggero; Batista Narcizo, Fabricio; Forte, Denis; Mamede, Samuel de Paiva Neves; Roux‑Cesar, Ana Maria; Nedev, Bozhidar; Vitek, Leoš; Pántya, József; Salamzadeh, Aidin; Nduka, Eleanya K.; Kudła, Janusz; Kopyt, Mateusz; Pacheco, Luís Miguel; Maldonado, Isabel; Isaga, Nsubili; Benk, Serkan; Budak, Tamer
May-2021Serviços bancários online: Análise e avaliação por parte dos clientes bancários angolanosPacheco, Luís Miguel; Capitamolo, Euclides Firmino; Tavares, Fernando Oliveira
2015SMEs probability of default: the case of the hospitality sectorPacheco, Luís Miguel
Jan-2020Social media applied to tourism and hospitality: The case of hotels in the Metropolitan Area of Porto, PortugalPacheco, Luís Miguel; Moreira, Fernando
24-Jul-2018Stock price effects of bank rating announcements: An application to European Union countriesLobão, Júlio; Pacheco, Luís Miguel; Campos, Susana
2014Tax compliance, corruption and deterrence: An application of the slippery model.Carvalho, Daniela; Pacheco, Luís Miguel
26-Mar-2020The dividend puzzle: Testing the signalling hypothesis in an European contextLobão, Júlio; Pacheco, Luís Miguel; Lajas, Tiago
22-Sep-2020The impact of foreign capital on profitability: the case of Portuguese manufacturing SMEsPacheco, Luís Miguel
Dec-2020The impact of gender on financial performance: Evidence from a sample of Portuguese SMEsPacheco, Luís Miguel; Lobo, Carla Azevedo; Maldonado, Isabel
2-Feb-2022The presence of foreign capital and the internationalization of Portuguese Industrial SMEsPacheco, Luís Miguel; Lobo, Carla Azevedo; Maldonado, Isabel
5-Dec-2017The use of the recognition heuristic as an investment strategy in European stock marketsLobão, Júlio; Pacheco, Luís Miguel; Pereira, Carlos
Aug-2019Trust and power as determinants of tax compliance across 44 nationsBatrancea, Larissa; Kirchler, Erich; Pacheco, Luís Miguel