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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jun-2015Stakeholders’ analysis for services improvement: the case of Oporto’s Religious heritage and tourism ecosystems.Salvado, Josefina; Freitas, Isabel Vaz de; Carbone, Fabio
2017The planning of tourism on rural areas: the stakeholders' perceptions of the Boticas municipality (Northeastern Portugal)Remoaldo, Paula; Freitas, Isabel Vaz de; Matos, Olga; Lopes, Hélder; Silva, Sara; Sánchez-Fernández, Maria Dolores; Ribeiro, J. Cadima; Ribeiro, Vitor
2019Tourism in Porto's Historic Centre: Analysing risks and safeguarding of the landscapeFreitas, Isabel Vaz de; Sousa, Cristina; Marques, Jorge; Ribeiro, Susana; Yasar, Sidal; Pires, Hugo
2017Transitions from higher education to labour market: Observatory of internships in business organizationsMagalhães, Miguel; Morais, Paula; Lopes, Filomena Castro; Freitas, Isabel Vaz de; Fernandes, Sandra; Costa-Lobo, Cristina
2017Urban landscape and tourism in the Historic Centre of Porto: The perception of residentsFreitas, Isabel Vaz de; Marques, Jorge; Ribeiro, Susana; Yasar, Sidal
2018Urban landscape quality management and monitoring: A methodological proposal to study the case of Porto, PortugalFreitas, Isabel Vaz de; Marques, Jorge; Rodrigues, Carlos; Sousa, Cristina
1998Viver e conviver em terras rainas na Idade Média.Freitas, Isabel Vaz de
3-Jun-2017Water Landscapes and HistoryFreitas, Isabel Vaz de; Martin Cea, Juan Carlos; Val Valdivieso, Isabel del